Сoncert of the Centre of Indian classical dance on April, 25th 2012

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April, 25th 2012                                                                                           Almaty

A beautiful and overwhelming concert of the Centre of Indian classical dance, Almaty devoted to the International Dance Day will take a place on April, 25th 2012 at 6.30 p.m. in Kazakh State Zhambyl Philharmony (35, Kaldayakov str., crossing Tole-bi street).

Concert represented by Embassy of India in Kazakhstan, UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office in Kazakhstan and the Kazakh State Zhambyl Philharmony.

At the end of the 18th century an outstanding dancer and choreographer Frenchman Jean George Noverr generalized all his knowledge and exposure in area of choreography and versed its basic principles in the widely known book among dance experts “Letters on dance and ballet”. It was the first theoretical research in the field of dance art. Thus acknowledging his contribution to the field of art UNESCO from 1982 christened his birthday 29th April as the “International Dance Day”. Amongst the entire dance fraternity be it ballet, troupes of classical dance, folk and modern dance, this day is widely recognized and celebrated with utmost enthusiasm.

According to  UNESCO, the International Dance Day is urged to unite all styles of dance and most importantly, for uplifting and celebrating the ability of this form of art to overcome all political, cultural and ethnic borders, to unite people for the love and friendship by giving them an opportunity to speak in one language — “The language of dance

The International Dance Day holds an important significance for the Centre of  Indian classical dance too and has therefore inspired the creation of this colorful concert reflecting the spiritual heritage of ancient India penetrated by humanity and optimism in various forms like classical, folk and tribal dances. The Indian classical dance with its unique form has carved a niche for itself and is appreciated and acknowledged very well across the globe. And with the tireless efforts of the Centre of Indian classical dance, Almaty, this auspicious form of art has found its worthy place amongst various other forms of art in Kazakhstan and the heart of its people.

People of Kazakhstan relish the culture and bond of love and friendship that is shared between Kazakhstan and India and recognize the bright future of the country which is witnessed by the world today.

This festive concert along with the dance art of India will unite the various dance forms from around the world.

The project director of this event is Akmaral Kainazarova, the founder and the choreographer at the Centre of Indian Classical Dance, Almaty. She is a merit holder with the Master of Arts Degree on the subject of Bharatanatyam, most ancient and a very fascinating form of Indian classical dance, she also won the title of "Champion of the world 2003" with a Gold medal in Hollywood, USA; member of the International Dance Council within the UNESCO in Paris, she has also been honored with the title of Madeniet Kairatkeri (Representative of Culture). Akmaral is the empanelled artist of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) in New Delhi, India. She is a Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga in which she holds a Post Graduate Diploma from Madras University, Chennai.

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