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Indian Classical Dance Bharatanatyam for beginners.
Part I, II, III, IV.
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The goal of this video material is to acquaint the viewers with the foundation and the basic dance  steps of Indian classical dance Bharatanatyam – an ancient art form from Southern India with a rich  history of 2000 years. Th material presented is intended to give the viewers a glimpse into this beautiful dance form of Indian classical dance, which can be a tool of self- improvement and enhancement of spiritual intellectual growth.In the course of  Bharatanatyam training you will not only start feeling younger and more  attractive, you will also feel liberated and at ease – it is a beautiful way to help you will gain internal peace.

The material is presented by “Сentre for Indian Classical Dances, Almaty-Kazakhstan” under the guidance of the Honoured Аrtist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Akmaral Kainazarova (

Training program

No age restrictions

Duration –4 hours 25 minutes

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August 2017.

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Almaty, Kazakhstan